There are simple ways to live with intention and purpose and it can begin at a young age.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Veterinarian.  I wanted to help sick animals, care for them, and make them better.  At 5 years old, I didn’t understand that as a Vet you don’t get to “just make the animals better.”  There’s also a sad side to the work of a Vet.  When I found that out, I knew the job wasn’t for me, even as a small child.

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to help not only animals but people.  I wanted to help them heal and get better.  I had no idea that emotional and mental trauma was a thing back then.  I was only thinking of physical healing that I wanted to be a part of.

Fast forward to sixteen years old, college and still having that desire to help people, I pursued a career in dental care.  But as a Dental Hygienist, there are no opportunities to help animals.  After I practiced for over 10yrs and had a traumatic experience in the field, I felt like my purpose was gone. I was an amazing Hygienist and loved my patients so, so much. I always got compliments on making those with dental anxiety feel calm, using simple education to teach them tips and tricks, and cleaning very gently to where they would really enjoy their dental visits.  But my cup was empty and I knew my purpose wasn’t being fulfilled.

Leaving the dental field was freeing but full of uncertainty.  I wondered if I’d be as good at anything else as I was as a Hygienist.

When I found out I had emotional trauma, I truly had an “Aha moment” that catapulted me into helping myself to start my emotional healing journey, and that lead me to finding my purpose again.

3 Simple Ways to Live with Purpose and Intention

There are 3 things I’ve learned about the best way to live with purpose and intention:

1. Set your intentions for the day.

My favorite way to do this is using positive affirmations.  When waking in the morning, I tell myself what kind of day I’m going to have, such as, “Today is going to be a great day!”

Whatever you say or think to yourself, especially first thing in the morning, will very much determine what kind of day you do or don’t have.

2. Remind yourself of your WHY.

Why are you going to work today?  Why is it important for you to show up for yourself, your boss, coworkers, kids, or clients?  I think to myself, “I’m going to help people.  I GET TO help people!  My clients need me.  God has called me to this amazing work that is changing lives, and God has put me in charge of my clients to help them grow, spread love, and be physically, emotionally, and mentally restored.”

3. Turn your “I have to” into “I get to.” 

Instead of telling yourself, “I have to go to work today,” instead tell yourself, “I get to go to work today!”  God has provided a job for you to serve different people from anyone else and those people have been placed in your life on purpose.  Serve them to the best of your ability.  Seek out the blessings in every area of your life.

These 3 simple steps can be implemented at any age!  You can do these daily with your kids or your spouse for accountability.

After implementing these 3 simple ways to live with purpose and intention, and with some help from Emotional Release Therapy, I have been able to rediscover my God-given purpose.  The seed that God planted in my heart at 5 years old has come full circle.  I am now in a career that I can help both people and animals, and it’s a completely life-giving job!

Seeing His plans for me unfold over all these years has been the most delightful, eye-opening experience of my life.  I continue to be amazed by how good God is to me and my clients.  Healing truly happens here.

Brittany Mabe, CECP, CBCP
Written by Brittany Mabe, CECP, CBCP, Emotional Release Therapy practitioner at Triad Health Center.  Brittany holds special certifications in The Emotion Code and The Body Code.  She is currently accepting new clients.  Learn more about Emotional Release Therapy or schedule your appointment with her through our online scheduler.

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