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Brittany Mabe

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Brittany Mabe is our Emotional Release Therapy practitioner.  She holds certification in the Emotion Code and Body Code specialties and has a vast knowledge of energy healing to help a wide array of conditions and disorders.

Brittany keeps God at the center of her work, giving Him all the credit and glory for the results and healing her clients experience:

“God put the most amazing healing power inside your body.  He just needs the interference removed in order for that healing power to flow and vibrate at its highest level!  It is my privilege to assist you in your healing journey.  My God-given intuitive gifts, practical approach, and premium client experience are at your service.  Together we’ll be targeting the underlying cause of your needs, not just the symptoms, and ultimately I’ll help you connect back to God’s healing energy source!”

Brittany lives in Greensboro with her husband of 9 years and their 2 dachshunds, Bailey and Spottie Dottie.  She enjoys cooking, baking for special occasions, spending time with family and friends, drawing and painting, watching crime shows, and going to the movies, the beach and Disney World.  Her favorite restaurant is Chipotle and favorite food is chicken wings with homemade ranch.

Prior to her career in energy release therapy, Brittany spent almost 10 years as a Dental Hygienist, and she loved educating her patients so much in that field.  She says, “But the thing that now gets me up every morning, is my newfound purpose of guiding, supporting, encouraging and helping people to transform to be exactly who they were created to be, to where they love their life again or for the very first time!”

  • Hometown?  Browns Summit, NC

  • What inspires you?   Seeing people give their all and never giving up.  Hearing Gods direction loud and clear and taking action.  Small acts of kindness and love that mean everything to the other person.  Good news.  God restoring people and relationships.  When someone forgives the person that hurt them the most.

  • Ask me about… my elbows, what doctors told my mom when she was pregnant with me, what I saw on the streets of NYC

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