Triad Health Center offers a broad range of natural and alternative pain management therapies. We avoid surgery and pharmaceutical treatments by guiding patients through alternative pain management therapies that will promote the body’s self-healing process. Alternative pain management treatments are more conservative and generally result in more effective, longer lasting, natural pain relief.

There are two types of pain: acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain can usually be traced back to a source, such as a strain or injury. Acute pain will subside after a natural healing process. By contrast, chronic pain does not go away. Chronic pain affects the nervous system and the immune system. Types of chronic pain include:

Chronic back pain

Herniated disc



TMJ or myofascial pain syndrome

Migraine headaches



Carpal tunnel syndrome

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More About Pain Treatment

Each pain management patient begins with a comprehensive consultation and examination. Once we have identified the root of your condition, we will recommend a treatment plan that will remove the cause and allow your body to heal.