Back pain and cramps gone! My hormones are balancing!

For the last several years I have experienced severe lower back pain and menstrual cramps. I would attempt to relieve myself of the pain by taking pain killers, using hot packs, getting massages and exercising. None of these methods worked.

After the first two months of chiropractic care alone, my back pain and cramps had decreased significantly in intensity and had almost disappeared. That is the point that Dr. Dave helped me implement my Nutrition Program and some easy detox steps to help my body balance my hormones naturally. I am about four months in now and I consider myself a true Triad Health Center patient. The relief from my back pain and menstrual cramps is great, but I love that THC is teaching me to live an overall healthier life for my entire family’s benefit!

charlotte-thc-testimonial-mainCharlotte, THC patient of 4 months

More Energy & Feeling Better

For the last 3-4 years, I had been experiencing various symptoms that I thought were unrelated: fatigue, weight gain, difficulty losing weight, issues with my reproductive organs, sinus trouble, occasional headaches and low back pain, and increasingly insomnia and elevated blood pressure. I decided to make an appointment when I experienced a sudden pain from my lower back that radiated down my leg and to my foot that left me barely able to walk.

I was referred to THC by one of the ladies at my church.  As Dr. Dave explained the core principles of true healing to me, I realized every single symptom I was experiencing was very connected.

Since starting care at THC, many of my symptoms have improved. I have much more energy than I used to. I have lost a few pounds already and my insomnia is improving. My neck and low back curvatures are improving as well.

daphne-thc-testimonialDaphne, THC patient of 4 years

Walking without walker!

When I first brought Diwaba to Triad Health Center he could not walk without a walker. Even with the walker, he could only make it about 100 feet before falling. He had difficulty holding a pencil to write. It was difficult to understand what he was saying. He loved soccer, but could not kick a soccer ball without falling.

We had tried physical, speech and occupational therapies since he was four years old. We were losing hope. A friend from church referred us. We had serious doubts but thought we had nothing to lose but to try.

Dr. Dave takes great care of Diwaba. After just the first month of care, we noticed he was walking more easily, falling less and his speech was improving. Now over 4 months into his treatment plan, Diwaba walks without a walker, he plays soccer on a league with his brother, and he can kick the ball without falling. I wish we had learned about Triad Health Center sooner!

diwaba-thc-testimonial-mainMartin (Diwaba's Dad), THC family of 8 months

I came looking for relief, and instead I healed!

I had been getting extreme sinus headaches and sinus infections 2-3 times a year for about ten years. I tried massage therapy and shiatsu, both felt great, but my symptoms always remained.

My husband started seeing a new type of doctor with Triad Health Center, Dr. David Schwartz. I decided to try THC’s health care as well. The first thing I noticed was that my headaches decreased until they no longer occurred. Best of all, I have not had a sinus infection since I started getting adjusted. I came looking for relief, and instead I healed! Praise God for Dr. Schwartz and the work of his staff at Triad Health Center!

eduarda-thc-testimonial-mainEduarda, THC patient of 11 months

No more earaches! We’re grateful!

Jacob was complaining that his ears were hurting on a biweekly basis. He would wake in the middle of the night screaming from the pain. This went on for almost two years. Daycare told us they would no longer take him because of the pain. Numerous visits to our pediatrician turned up nothing. They couldn’t find a cause and aimlessly sent us home with antibiotics time after time.

I met Dr. Dave and Elise at the health fair at Honda Jet. I started seeing Dr. Dave for my own health reasons first, and after discussing Jacob’s symptoms with Dr. Dave I decided I had nothing to lose.

Dr. Dave found that Jacob’s cervical curve was at only 2 degrees. I was shocked! We began treatment right away. After only two adjustments Jacob has never complained of ear pain again. At his progress xray after only 2 months of care, his cervical curve had improved to 29 degrees!

I encourage all parents to take a chance. If I would not have found Dr. Dave, my son would still be suffering. Dr. Dave has not only made Jacob’s life better, but our entire family’s as well. We are so grateful!

jacob-thc-testimonialAnn (Jacob's Mom), THC family of 8 months

Pain completely healed!

Since grade school, I knew I had scoliosis but never sought treatment for it.  As I grew, I developed pain in my low back that developed into sciatic pain on a come-and-go basis.

I met Dr. Dave and Elise at the Natural Triad Expo.  I wanted to see if there was a connection between my nervous system and the pain I was feeling.  His nerve assessment indicated there could be, so I came in for my evaluation.  I began the treatment plan he put together for me, which included nutrition and detox measures as well as chiropractic.  My back pain improved completely!

When you think about the Triad Health lifestyle as a whole and how far you are away from the changes that have to happen it can seem extremely overwhelming.  However, take baby steps to transition and transform your health.  You can attain the body and health that God designed you to have, and the Triad Health Center team is there to help you every step of the way!

kimesha-thc-testimonialKamisha, THC patient of 6 years

I have drastically reduced the medications I take and am headache free!

Since I was a teenager I have experienced lower back pain and on occasion pinched nerves on the right side of my neck which would cause me to be unable to move!  It was difficult to sleep, move, work and basically function on a daily basis without some kind of pain and headaches.  I’ve always seen a chiropractor but it only offered temporary relief.  My symptoms always returned.  I was taking prescription anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, over the counter Advil for migraines, chiropractic treatment as needed, tens machine and air jet bath tub on occasion.

I heard a new doctor on the radio.  It was Dr. Dave.  I called in because I at least had to meet this man who spoke about the body’s ability to heal itself.

Dr. Dave recommended a plan of chiropractic care, nutrition and detoxification to correct the scoliosis in my spine and relieve chronic inflammation I didn’t even realize I had.  His goal was to return my spine and nervous system to a state of “normal” for my body.

Since starting Triad Health Center’s care, my sleeping patterns have changed drastically.  I get a good night’s sleep, feel well rested and the headaches have subsided for the most part.  I have not had to take any Advil for headaches since starting here, compared to multiple times every day prior to seeing Dr. Dave.

I have drastically reduced the amount of medications I have taken.  I feel great and am headache free!  It has taken 6 months, but is still an ongoing process.  Chiropractic care has always been a part of my life and it has worked for me, but it’s a process not an immediate or final/one-time “quick fix.”

katie-thc-testimonialKatie, THC patient of 1 year

Vertigo… allergies… neck pain gone!

I came to Triad Health Center with neck pain that would not go away, even with medications.  I was mostly taking Aleve and that would normally take away the pain, but it would return when the medication wore off.  My neck pain made it hard for me to exercise, swim, hike, and enjoy my hobbies.

I met Dr. Dave a year ago at one of the Wellness Fairs at the City of Greensboro.  Dr. Dave showed me that I had arthritis in my neck as well as scoliosis in my lower spine.  Suddenly it made sense why I had allergy problems, constipation issues and recently was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and vertigo.  Who knew!

Since beginning Triad Health Center’s care, my vertigo is gone, I have not taken any allergy medication in over 2 months, and my neck pain has gotten much better!  I encourage everyone to look for a natural way to heal.  Medication only causes more problems.

kim-thc-testimonialKim, THC patient for 4 years

Hip pain and back issues healed!

I came to Triad Health Center with lower back pain and hip pain.  It was so severe that I was missing work and not finding much relief.  Aleve, ibuprofen, heat packs and Tylenol were little help to get though the day.  I could not stand for any length of time.

I met Dr. Dave at the Triad Natural Expo.  I had an appointment scheduled with another chiropractor for the following day.  After meeting with Dr. Dave and hearing his approach, I called and cancelled my appointment with the other chiropractor.

Luckily Dr. Dave saw me several times that first week for adjustments so that I could enjoy a long awaited trip to Charleston for our 20th anniversary.  I was able to have a great trip with no pain.  I no longer have an issue with hip pain when I am standing.  I believe that it was around 6 weeks to be feeling 100% great again.

lesa-thc-testimonialLesa, THC patient of 5 years

No more Fibromyalgia pain or meds

I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had gotten to the point that I felt I wasn’t “living life” anymore.  I had practically continuous pain.  I could hardly work, hardly walk, and I had no energy.  I was given Cymbalta to treat my Fibro, but couldn’t really see a difference. Muscle relaxers helped some.  The neurologist prescribed more medications to help with the pain, but I didn’t want to take more medications.

My sister Kelly introduced me to Triad Health Center.  Dr. Schwartz explained how the 5 essential healing principles are different from the standard American health care model.  I truly believe the body is capable of healing itself if you remove the interference.  I began my treatment plan and hit all of the 5 essential healing areas hard right away.  Within less than 2 weeks, I felt better than I had in years!  It has continued to improve.  I am completely off of my pain medications and don’t even need ibuprofen anymore.  I now look forward to each day. Thank you for HOPE, Dr. Dave and THC staff.  I am forever grateful.

maria-thc-testimonialMaria, THC patient of 5 months

Blood sugar improved from adjustments alone!

I have been a Type 2 Diabetic for the last 6 years of my life.  I was taking medication to try and keep it under control.  The pills I was taking were keeping it close to where it should be but not perfect.  My medical doctor wanted me to go on insulin, but I wanted to try something else.

Friends of ours were seeing Dr. Dave and liked the results they were getting with their holistic health care.  My medical doctor said chiropractic would not make a difference.  My wife and I doubted chiropractic but decided to give it a try.  It was better than meds for the rest of my life to at least try.  Dr. Dave took x-rays of my spine and explained what was there and had a treatment, nutrition and detox plan put together for me specifically and thoroughly.  My doubts are going away.  In the first three months, my average for blood sugar went from 8.1 to 6.8 and the only thing I changed in my life was getting adjusted.  I would recommend chiropractic to everybody with Diabetes.

marty-thc-testimonialMarty, THC patient of 6 months

Turned on God’s healing power!

I suffered daily with chronic arthritis in my hands, back, knees, and I could not walk upright because of the pain. My hands would not allow me to do many things due to the pain. I had lived with this pain for over 20 years. I loved to cook, but the pain crippled me and I couldn’t anymore. Many doctors put me on many medications…morning, noon and night I had pills to take. The drugs eased the pain, but not enough. My wife and I were listening to the radio and heard Dr. Dave’s show. I was driving and we prayed asking God if we should go to see Dr. Dave. God answered YES.

When I first stepped in to Triad Health Center I had to sit in a chair the entire time, the doctor came to me. After 4 months of care I now walk to the doctor. I have almost no more pain. Dr. Dave turned on God’s healing power in my body! I am almost off all of my medications and I have lots of energy! Praise God for you all! Praise God!

robert-thc-testimonialRobert, THC patient of 4 months

He has not gotten an ear infection again to this day!

My son Roberto had been suffering from ear aches for as long as I can remember…years basically since he was born. His ears would drain fluid and he would get really high fevers. He had been prescribed ear drops by an ear specialist.

Being four years old he was missing out on play time and all that kid stuff. I had recently started getting adjusted and decided I wanted my kids to get checked as well. Roberto started to get adjusted and about a month or less of care I noticed he did not have any ear aches and he had no signs of them coming back. He has not gotten an ear infection again to this day. Roberto now understands that he has to take care of his spine to stay healthy.

Our children have the right to live healthy lives, too. It is our job as parents to help them and teach them how to take care of this ONE body we are given.

roberto-thc-testimonialMolly (Roberto's Mom), THC family of 1 ½ years

Blood pressure meds cut in half …able to walk again!

Before starting care at Triad Health Center, I was experiencing neck pain and stiffness, hip pain and knee pain, and I also had very high blood pressure readings. I was using prescription drug therapy to manage my blood pressure. I had several MRI’s for my hip and knee.

I was referred to Dr. Schwartz by a friend who is a patient. Since beginning my chiropractic care, I have made remarkable improvements with my neck pain, hip pain, and knee pain. My blood pressure is improving also and I have been able to cut my prescription medication dosage in half. Now I have been able to re-start my walking schedule. Awesome God!! Thank you Dr. Schwartz and staff at Triad Health Center!

rosa-thc-testimonialRosa, THC patient of 8 months

Rid of back, hip, neck & knee pain

For the past 2 years I have been struggling with a constant pain in my lower back, hips, neck and knees. If I stood up for a long period of time, I would get this sharp pain in my lower back and my knees. My knees and feet would ache and begin to swell. Physical therapy and medications did nothing for me. I knew they weren’t the answer.

I was referred to Triad Health Center by a friend who is also a client. Dr. Dave explained the connection between the pain I was experiencing and the results on my x-rays.

After the first month of Triad Health Center’s care I had already noticed a remarkable change in my body. My running improved and I felt much less tension in my lower back. Advice I have to offer to everyone is to come to Triad Health Center and commit to it. I would rather put the time and money into my health now than pay for it later.

sabreen-thc-testimonial-mainSabreen, THC patient of 6 years

9 pounds down and cut out Thyroid medication!

Meet Sheila after only her second visit to our office. We met her at the Rebuild the Temple Makeover we hosted at Currytown Baptist Church a few weeks ago. Sheila is taking part in the 30 Day Challenge at Currytown Baptist and has been following our plan for 10 days — and is already down 9 pounds!!!! WAY TO GO SHEILA! We are so proud of you!

Sheila has also been reading her body as she has begun following our functional nutrition program. Her thyroid began to normalize and she is no longer in need of her thyroid medication. Her balance and strength is improving. She is coming off of other medications as her body gets healthier every day. Stay tuned…Sheila’s story is only going to keep getting better!

shella-thc-testimonialSheila, THC patient of 3 weeks

No more migraines, no more meds

Meet Tarsha. When THC staff first met her in December 2013 she suffered from 14-17 migraines every single month. Today she has ZERO migraines! No more migraines, no more medications, no more suffering!!

tarsha-thc-testimonial-mainTarsha, THC patient of 3 years