Welcome To Triad Health Center

At Triad Health Center, we believe that Physical Medicine, Corrective Chiropractic and true Functional Medicine are the future in preventative and regenerative health care. We dedicate our practice to educating the public about how these principles can help people of all ages live healthy lives, free from pain and illness. You can live a healthy life without the need for medications or surgery.

No more earaches! We’re grateful!

No more migraines, no more meds!

Vertigo…allergies…neck pain gone!

Headache free and no more meds!

Pain completely healed!

Hip pain and back issues healed.

Walking without walker!

More Energy & Feeling Better

No more Fibromyalgia pain or meds!

I came looking for relief, and instead I healed!

Back pain and cramps are gone! My hormones are balancing!

Triad Health Center Staff

Dr. Jonathan Orton, MD
Dr. Jonathan Orton, MDSupervisory Medical Practitioner
Dr. Orton oversees our Physical Medicine program. A true expert in his field, he works directly with our medical and holistic practitioners as a team to determine customized treatment plans for our patients.
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Dr. David Schwartz, DC, D.PSc
Dr. David Schwartz, DC, D.PScChiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner
Dr. Schwartz is an expert in the study of naturally healing New Millennium Diseases and Corrective Chiropractic Care. He provides exceptional individualized and customized care for his patients, and the results speak for themselves!
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Joy Peterson, PA
Joy Peterson, PAFamily Physician Assistant
Joy is our resident Physician Assistant and expert in our physical medicine and rehabilitative programs. She takes great care in the treatments she provides for our Physical Medicine clients. Her expert support is a key pillar to the results you will see through your program!
Elise Schwartz
Elise SchwartzNutrition & Detox Coach
Elise is our lead nutrition and detox coach. She works along side Dr. Schwartz in our Functional Medicine and Nutrition programs. Her job is to help you reach your health goals by designing a customized nutrition and detox plan.
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Tish Hines
Tish HinesOffice Manager
Tish is our Office Manager and overseas all programs for our physical medicine and chiropractic patients. With contagious energy, she will welcome you with a big smile and a warm ‘hello’! Tish is always ready to help you!
Sarah CreeleyMedical Assistant & Insurance Specialist
Sarah is our New Client liaison. She will often be the first person you meet when you arrive at Triad Health Center, always with a smile and positive attitude! She also leads our insurance and billing department with proficiency and care. Sarah remains attentive to your needs and is happy to answer your billing questions.

Our Promise

To encourage and empower all ages to restore and maintain optimal health and vitality naturally by providing education, tools, and resources on natural living.

Our Philosophy

The body was created to heal itself from above-down, inside-out. We put our faith and trust in the innate power God put inside of you to heal.