Through our Functional Medicine program, we see patients from all over the world and find phone or virtual consultations using FaceTime, Zoom, Hangout, or Skype very convenient.  In fact, about 30% of our patients do their consultations virtually.

When you first set up your appointment, we will email you an intake form that you can fill out and email back to us. If you are not email savvy, don’t worry, you can always send your filled out form by regular mail.  As with an in-person consultation, we will set up a full 2-hours for your initial consultation.  Everything we talk about in person we can talk about virtually, and any handouts would be emailed to you in advance to follow during our call.

All initial testing is done in your home prior to our call or during.  All initial testing is very easy to perform with a little guidance from us.

More advanced future testing is completed with kits which you perform in the comfort of your own home, because most need to be done at a particular time of day.  The appropriate test kits will be mailed to you and include everything you need to take the sample along with detailed instructions.  Once samples (hair, saliva, urine) are collected, you simply mail them directly to the lab in a prepaid envelope.  This makes it easier for all patients and you do not have to physically be at the office to do the tests.  If a test requires a blood draw, we can direct you to a lab in your area.

If you do not live in the area, a virtual consultation can be a great way to get your health on track and you will get all the same benefits as our in-office patients.  And best of all, you never have to leave your home.

We are currently working with clients all over North America, Europe, Central and South America, Asia, and Australia.