There is a huge difference in the quality of supplements on the market today.  Drug store brands are normally the cheapest, and when it comes to nutritional supplements, unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

Drug store brands use poor quality man-made materials, thus creating a subpar product.  Furthermore, many of these brands contain fillers, preservatives, and even artificial colors and flavors which are detrimental to health.

Health food store brands are a step up from drug store brands and usually use more natural and better quality raw materials.  However because supplements are not regulated by the FDA, there is still no accountability and its hard to tell which are best from the hundreds of brands that exist.

The supplements that we use and recommend are professional brands.  They use the purest raw materials backed by years of research and manufacture them with the highest technology to preserve and maintain the integrity and purity of their ingredients.

We only want the best for you, and so we only offer truly whole food supplements and herbs.  These brands go against the most stringent guidelines and come with certificates of analysis so we know exactly where the nutrients and herbs are coming from.  They are typically much more potent and therefore not available in stores.  Furthermore, because these brands are used by healthcare professionals, manufacturers have a lot more accountability.

Many of our products are also custom-made for you based on your results, which enables you to take fewer pills but get more needed nutrients as they are combined for your convenience.

It is of course your choice on where you get your recommended supplements and we never want you to feel forced to get them through us.  We are happy to evaluate any brand you may already have and help you find the best option because quality plays a huge part in the success of your protocol.

You can order through our online store at any time or email in an order to pick up at our Front Desk: