Our Functional Nutrition Program

Nutrition plays a key roll in your body’s ability to heal. If you are struggling with weight issues, facing a disease or condition, or fighting inexplicable fatigue, changing your nutrition can have a powerful and dramatic influence over your body’s ability to heal optimally.

Weight loss and symptom reversal are possible by controlling the types of foods you eat. We don’t like to call it a diet, but more so a lifestyle change. We will provide you with the customized step-by-step tools you and your family need to make the nutritional changes necessary to achieve your health goals.

Most Common Questions

We don’t teach “fad diets” at our office. Our program focuses on helping you understand your body in order to achieve optimal health. There is no one-size-fits-all dietary solution. We look at all danger areas of nutrition – fats, sugars and toxins – and customize a program to fit your needs based on your exposures and health goals.

Please fill out your Nutrition Assessment paperwork completely. Scan and e-mail it to at least 24 hours before your appointment time. Please note there is a 3-day food log as part of your paperwork.

In your first appointment, our nutritionist will review your Nutrition Assessment in detail with you. Based on your health goals and needs, she will help you design a customized nutrition plan and action steps to attain your goals.
We highly encourage you to bring your spouse to this appointment. Please bring your completed paperwork, if you have not already emailed it to us. If you have questions about your current supplements, please bring the bottles with you. If you have questions about specific brands or ingredients, please bring the packaging or pictures of the nutrient labels with you.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, the appointment is considered cancelled and you will be charged a cancellation fee. You may reschedule this appointment up to 24 hours in advance. Outside of a catastrophic occurrence, you will be charged for any less-than-24 hour cancellations, late arrivals, or no-shows.  If you need help rescheduling, call us: 336-288-4677.

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