Thermography Results

You’re Scheduled!

Thank you for scheduling your Thermography Rescreening appointment with Elise Schwartz, CTT.  You will soon receive a confirmation email and/or text message from us with the date and time you reserved.

Here are a few reminders to prepare for your appointment:

➕ Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to your appointment to allow for parking, restroom, and any paperwork completion before your scheduled appointment time.

➕ Your screening will last 45-60 minutes and will begin at your scheduled appointment time.

➕ Complete the Thermography Rescreening Assessment form prior to your appointment:  If prompted, be sure to select our clinic from the “Lab Location” dropdown option — under North Carolina, look for Greensboro (Triad Health Center), North Carolina | 301-H Pisgah Church Rd This ensures your intake form is delivered to our office.

➕ Review and follow the Pre-Screening Protocols.  These steps are required to follow to ensure you have an accurate screening on the day we take your imaging. Reminder: do not wear a bra for at least 4 hours prior to your screening.

➕ Your screening will take place in a private, temperature-controlled room with a privacy screen between you and the technician. You will disrobe and stand in the room for 20 minutes in order for your body to acclimate. Following the 20 minutes of acclimation, you will be positioned in front of the imaging system the technician will capture the images in real-time by using an ultra-sensitive medical infrared camera.

➕ If you have any questions or need assistance before your appointment date, call or email our office: 336-288-4677,

We appreciate you selecting us for your health care, and are honored to be part of your health journey.

See you soon!


Any questions before your appointment? Call us: 336.288.4677  Email us:

Location: 301-H Pisgah Church Rd, Greensboro, NC 27455

We are located in the Village Shoppes at North Elm. Look for our green and white Triad Health Center sign on the corner of the building and you’ll find our door!