Waking up in the middle of the night in pain. Leaving the dinner table because of stomach issues. Sitting on the sidelines while your kids play because the pain in your legs and back keep you there.

Chronic pain hijacks your daily life, but you’re so busy (and exhausted), that it’s overwhelming to think about making huge changes to feel better.

Here are my top three suggestions for immediately decreasing your pain and inflammation:

Adjusting Your Diet

Doesn’t have to be Keto (although a safe Keto diet is one of the most detoxifying diets – we will tell you why at the event), there are other great choices. The important thing is that you are getting the nutrients into your body that you need.

Eating In Windows Of Time

It’s suggested to eat your meals in a time window, say between noon and 8pm, instead of eating throughout the day. Why? Because this allows the body time to heal and detoxify in between eating vs. having to use all of its energy for digestion. This is one of the most powerful ways to encourage the body to detox and release inflammation.

Using A Binding Agent

One example of this is activated charcoal (I like to use capsule form, a supplement called BIND). A binding agent helps pull the toxins together and assists the body in flushing them out (hint: this is usually the biggest missed step in most people’s detox regimens).

On Tuesday May 14th, I will be going more into detail about these top three steps.

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From 6-8pm, I’ll be joined by Dr. Everett Tucker and Lauren Stigall to deliver our awakening message of hope: YOU WERE MADE TO HEAL.

You’ll leave understanding more about the true source of your chronic pain and disease, and what you can do right away to start healing and finally find some relief.

We will have special Q&A time during this event too, so that you can ask specific questions about what you’re dealing with.

Tickets are selling fast. Let me know if you can make it.

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See you there!

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Dr. David Schwartz, DC
Written by Dr. David Schwartz, DC at Triad Health Center.  Dr. Schwartz is a Webster Certified Corrective Care Chiropractor and expert in healing the body through true Functional Medicine.  Click to learn more about Corrective Chiropractic and Functional Medicine at Triad Health Center.  Listen to his health radio program live Saturdays at 11:30am on 94.5FM.

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