We are excited to announce we are beginning a partnership with Faucette Farms as their newest drop-site for their local CSA Program!

The quality is in their food. We chose Faucette Farms because of their high standards for growing USDA Certified organic produce and pastured eggs.  Knowing how your food is grown — what’s on it and in it — is vital.  Faucette Farms delivers the high quality produce we look for, fresh from the farm!

Now accepting members!  We are now accepting members to our CSA drop-site.  Our official start date is March 14th.  This will be the first week you can begin receiving your organic orders at Triad Health Center.  Click here to join! Be sure to select Triad Health Center as your Delivery Location!

New to CSA? If this is your first time participating in a CSA program through our office, read below for more details!

Triad Health Center CSA

What is CSA? 
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA is a way for you to obtain fresh, local, in-season and certified organic produce directly from Faucette Farms.  It is a prepaid subscription to receive the farm’s produce for a 12-week session. It gives subscribers a weekly supply of veggies, herbs, fruits, eggs and other goodies.
You know it’s fresh, picked earlier that day just for you!

The prepaid CSA membership makes it a source of financial security for the farm with a guaranteed market, while you support a local business! And CSA cuts out some of the transaction costs and uncertainty associated with retail food marketing, so the price is much cheaper than at the grocery store or farmers market.

How It Works
Our start date is Thursday March 14th. Once our CSA starts in mid-March, orders are fresh picked and packed weekly, then delivered to Triad Health Center every Thursday for you to pick up between 3:00-6:00pm. You also have the option to pick up the next morning on Fridays between 9:00-11:30am.

Join any time! Membership sessions last for 12 consecutive weeks from the first week you register. You’ll be responsible for picking up your order from Triad Health Center every Thursday once you activate your membership.  If you’ll be out of town, you can let Faucette Farms know in advance and they will add the missed week to the end of your subscription or you can double up a week to make up for it.

Once your initial 12 week session is complete, you will have the option to rejoin for another session.  Ultimately you could continue your membership and receive quality organic produce year round!

How Much Does It Cost?
CSA membership cost depends on the Share Size you choose. Share sizes range from Small, Regular, Large or X-Large.

Small:  feeds 1,  $12/week,  $144
Regular:  feeds 2-3,  $18/week,  $216
Large:  feeds 3-4,  $23/week,  $276
X-Large:  feeds 4+,  $32/week,  $384

Triad Health CSA

How To Join
Joining our CSA is done online. Click the “ADD CSA MEMBERSHIP TO CART” button. Decide on the share size of your 12 week subscription; Small, Regular, Large or X-Large. Choose Triad Health Center as your Pick-Up Location. List any allergies you have. Then add the CSA membership to your cart.  Go to checkout and process your payment.

What Can I Expect In My Box Each Week?
Faucette Farms grows by season, so you can expect a wide variety of veggies, fruit & herbs available year round. Each week, you will go to their website to choose what you’ll like in your order for that week. You’ll see all the beautiful produce items to choose from and you’ll be able to customize to your liking.  Or, you can always choose “Farmer’s Choice” and you’ll receive a variety in your order to keep things exciting.​ Eggs, honey and meat products may also be added.

Orders must be submitted by 5:00pm on Wednesdays to receive a custom order box.

Arugula * Asparagus * Brussels Sprouts * Beans * Beets * Blueberries * Broccoli * Cabbage * Cantaloupe * Carrots * Cauliflower * Collard Greens * Corn * Cucumber * Eggplant * Herbs * Mixed Salad Greens * Mushrooms * Okra * Onions * Parsnips * Peas * Peaches * Pears * Peppers * Potatoes * Radishes * Rutabagas * Spinach * Squash * Strawberries * Swiss Chard * Tomatoes * Turnips * Watermelon * Zucchini

Where Do I Pickup?
Triad Health Center: 2311 W Cone Blvd #228, GreensboroOrder pickup starts Thursday March 14th from 3:00-6:00pm.Weekly orders are available for pickup on Thursdays between 3:00-6:00pm and Fridays between 9:00-11:30am.

What If I Need More?
Have company coming to visit? If you have a week that you’ll need more produce or eggs added to your order, no problem!  Contact Faucette Farms to add your order.

Still have questions? 
Email us: staff@triadhealthcenter.com
Call Faucette Farms: 336.669.5083
Email Faucette Farms: polly@faucettefarms.com


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