How much difference can six weeks make in your life? If it’s six weeks of consciously practicing gratitude, it could be a real life-changer.

The benefits of consciously practicing gratitude are fairly well documented. If you’re looking for ways to foster a positive attitude, get more enjoyment out of life, and use the power of positivity to boost your health, our 40-day Pursuing Gratitude Challenge is going to help you!

There’s a surprising amount of research on the benefits of gratitude on health and well being. Some of the results seem fairly intuitive – people who are thanked for helping someone are more likely to help another person in the future, for example.

But did you know that people who make it a habit to cultivate a grateful attitude sleep better at night?

Or that people who express a grateful attitude are more patient and may make better decisions as a result.

Gratitude can also help deepen relationships and break down relationship barriers.

You’ll find this 40-day exercise of pursuing gratitude to be easy to incorporate. In the Pursuing Gratitude guidebook, we’ve provided daily devotional challenges and tools for fostering gratitude in your daily life.

You’ll find this won’t take a lot of time or preparation. You can simply set aside 10-15 minutes each day to work through the day’s prompts. Intentionally focusing just minutes a day will have great impact on your life!

What if you’re just not a naturally grateful person? Luckily for you, you can “learn” gratitude by practicing it!

Pursuing Gratitude is going to help you foster a new attitude of gratitude by pushing you to look for the good around you and express thankfulness for it.

Our 40-day Pursuing Gratitude Challenge starts Friday 11/6! Join in — FREE — in our Triad Health Hub community.