🤧 Runny Nose.
🤒 Fever and chills.
🤢 Body aches and tummy pain.

Your body was made to heal! 
Support your body through the stress the holidays bring. Given the right tools, your body can fight off colds and flu quickly with minimal symptoms or suffering!

This year, we have two packages to get you through Flu Season with a strong, supported immune system!

Dr. Schwartz has designed these kits specifically for Cold & Flu PREVENTION and Cold & Flu FIGHTING

Dr. Schwartz has hand-selected the top natural antibiotic and immune-boosting natural supplements, to help you overcome any icky crud.

For Flu PREVENTION, high-quality Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3+K will give your immune system the armor it needs to fight off cold and flu.  We’re also including our Immunity essential oil roll-on for added support as a gift!

If you do find yourself feeling under the weather, for Flu FIGHTING Dr. Schwartz has included his top natural anti-virals and anti-biotics: Concentrated Raw Garlic, super-potent Oil of Oregano, and the golden bullet ATAK. As a bonus gift, our Cold & Flu essential oil roll-on is included to help calm the cough, respiratory congestion, and support the sinuses.

Both packages are on SALE now at Triad Health Center or ORDER ONLINE!

The POWER of Chiropractic

It’s important to remind ourselves of the power of corrective chiropractic when discussing illness prevention or recovery.

During the 1918 flu epidemic, flu patients that received chiropractic care survived much more readily than those that didn’t. This is because chiropractic care focuses on the health of your nervous system, which helps to boost your immunity.

A 2011 study showed promise for chiropractic adjustments and their potential to help boost immunity.

A single adjustment has been shown to boost the immune system within minutes.  Not only will you physically feel better from the adjustments, but the adjustments supply great benefit to your nervous system and immune system that you won’t see or feel — prevention is key!

If you are sick and receive corrective chiropractic adjustments, your recovery time is greatly reduced! Many of our patients are usually feeling better and back to normal within a day or two!

Stay well through the holidays!

Flu Prevention Package
Flu Fighter Package